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“Sins of the Preacher” — formerly “The Minister’s Wife” — will premiere on September 14th, 2013 at 8/7c p.m. on Lifetime.

When beloved Debbie Martin commits suicide, her preacher husband Andrew grieves alongside the whole town and especially Debbie’s mom, Susan. But then moments long forgotten and incidents about Andrew’s strange behavior start bubbling to the surface. At first Susan doesn’t want to believe them, but when mounting evidence can no longer be denied, she has to admit that she now believes Andrew killed Debbie and sets out to prove it. And so begins a battle that eventually tears the town apart. Inspired by a true story. X

Starring: Gail O’Grady, Chris Gartin, Bree Williamson, Taylor Cole, James McDaniel


Posted on September 1, 2013 by Desarae | Filed Under: Film,News,Television | 2 Comments

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What I wish that I could see yuu in would be a WW2 movie about German Americans. A lot has been done about Japanese Americans, not so much about German Americans. What do you do when you have the ethnicity of the enemy? You get accused of being in cahoots with them. Plenty of biographies to choose from. You could easily pass as a German American and I bet you would do a bang up job.

I have watched almost everything you have done and you are the most amazing actress ever. I love your movies on Hallmark channel. You are the BEST

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